Friday, October 28, 2016

Prof. Faraj wins Best Published Paper Award (AOM 2016)

Professor Samer Faraj, Professor Steven Johnson, and Professor Hani Safadi are the winners of the Best Published Paper Award of 2016, an award given by the OCIS division of Academy of Management for the following article: Johnson, S. L., Safadi, H., & Faraj, S. (2015). The emergence of online community leadership. Information Systems Research, 26(1), 165-187.

More details can be found at the OCIS website.

GCC student Karla Sayegh receives Best Conference Reviewer Award (AOM 2016)

Ph.D. Student Karla Sayegh receives Best Conference Reviewer Award at the OCIS Division, Academy of Management Conference 2016.

Talk on Online Communities (Videos on The Globe and Mail)

Professor Faraj gives talks on online communities at the video interview series by The Globe and Mail.

1. What are Online Communities?
  - Talks about the different between online communities and Social Media and where online communities are most effective.

2. The Great Leaders of Online Communities
  - Talks about what makes great leaders of online communities.